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Mindful Yoga & Shiatsu for Every Body

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Great idea to introduce a nice healthy meal, that we all help to make with a fantastic chef, Oliver.
Second workshop I have attended - Zoe is amazing. I feel completly refreshed. Mind. Heart. Soul.“ Karen

Pirie's Soul Food Workshops - Arkholme Village Hall, LA6 1AT

"It was a really lovely day, even the weather added to the feeling of being connected to the earth!

And a big thank-you also to Oliver. Sharing the preparation for lunch was so much fun and has really

encouraged me to make more of an effort to eat well and think more about time spent in the kitchen." Jan

Mindfulness Workshop with Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong and Slow Food - Saturday 23rd March

10.30am-4.30pm £75 incl. a delicious vegetarian & vegan lunch, Arkholme Village Hall

Enjoy a truly mindful day with gentle yoga poses, simple meditations, relaxation techniques and graceful Chi Gong movements. Revive your mind, body and heart in a friendly and relaxed environment. 

This unique workshop will include a healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch made by our highly experienced, professional chef from Germany. Oliver will offer a catering session before lunch, demonstrating how certain foods, cooking techniques and nutritional supplements support the important work of our intestines and cleanse our digestive systems and how important this is for our health and wellbeing. You are welcome to
participate and learn new culinary skills or sit back and simply enjoy the show! We then share 5 minutes of silent eating to truly enjoy the experience and flavours - mindful eating at its best!

Helen Towers, a highly experienced Mindfulness Tutor, will lead a session in the afternoon helping us to understand the many benefits of a mindful approach and how to bring this more into our daily lives. The workshop will give you plenty of time to exercise and relax but also to ask questions, share ideas and write notes so you can remember cooking tips, movements, meditation and mindful practices; all of which will inspire and motivate you to carry on practicing back at home. It’s a great opportunity for new people and also current participants from all of the weekly courses to meet and practice together.

Course fee includes 'show cooking' lunch, tea, coffee and snacks. Please contact us if you have special dietary requirements and we will try to make adjustments for allergies and intolerances where possible.
Limited places in all workshops so please book soon. Email or contact me for the booking form with all of the important details including payment information. Your place is secured as soon as you have paid your fee. We're really enjoying these Mindful Yoga workshops - memorable days :-)
“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” Jon Kabat-Zinn
What would it be like if I could accept life – accept this moment – exactly as it is?” Tara Brach
"Loved the new exposure to chi gong and the challenge of new flows and stretches. The cooking and the food was a very welcome element. It felt like a wonderful bonus to add to my 'me' time.“ RW

"The Qigong and the mindfulness in the afternoon. Overall very relaxing and enjoyable. Really inclusive session. I felt able to follow and keep up even as complete beginner. Cooking together was a great way to take a break and bring the group together.“ Emma

"Right size group - not too many. Venue warm, comfortable and spacious with lovely views. Really liked the balance between music, relaxations, yoga and Chi Gong. Zoe's wonderfully relaxing style making us all relaxed and comfortable. Oli's wonderful cooking experience. The food was healthy, delicious and satisfying." SH

"The space and time to focus on my practice. The Chi Gong – really energising, good to do something different. Meeting other like minded people. The chance to browse the literature.“ Sam

"Enjoyed the cooking participation and food, which was a bonus. Was a lovely day - left very chilled and Zen like.“ Carol

Dishes previously enjoyed in the workshop:

Stuffed savoy cabbage: one filled with with carrot, chestnut and sunflower seeds and the other with butternut squash, potatoes and pumpkin seeds.


Fresh salad with cold pressed flax seed and olive oil for a high intake of important fatty acids such as omega 3.


Thinly sliced carrots, fennel and red cabbage dressed with lemon juice for a more fruity and nutritious acid than vinegar. Fresh cress and herbs added for vitamins and minerals.


Lentils for protein with fresh herbs for colour, nutrients and taste

A deliciously moist apple cake from trees in our garden :)

Guided Colon Detoxes
Oliver also runs guided 3 or 5-week digestive detoxes with essential nutritional supplements based on the tried and tested wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The detox is conducted in the comfort of your own home, with regular support, recepies and motivation from Oli and the other members of the group via the internet. Please contact Oli for more details: [email protected] or 07483 214211

Further Workshops 2019 - Mindful Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong & Slow Food

18th May, 6th July, 21st September & 16th November - already have bookings for all dates so please book soon!

Everything you need to begin or develop your home practice with Mindful Yoga plus simple meditations, relaxation techniques and graceful Chi Gong movements: all in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Themes to include for next year also include a creative writing session, singing and mindful crafts - let me know what you would be interested in and I'll see what I can do!

When the sun smiles on us, we can spend time practicing and relaxing outside by the beautiful fields and fells that surround Arkholme hall.

Limited places availible. Please email or contact me for the booking form with all of the important details including payment information. As before, your place is secured as soon as the fee has been paid. It'll be a day you won't forget for all the good reasons :)

“I’m new to yoga and joined to help with problems in my hips and joints due to my job. 

 I was slightly nervous when first starting as I am not flexible at all.

But Zoe was great, makes you feel at ease and plans her classes around the needs of the students!

 Anyone wondering whether to have a go, I would say definitely 'yes'!

Brilliant class, fantastic teacher!” Kate R

Men and women of all ages, abilities and beliefs welcome - come and join in the fun!

What a pleasure it was today. It's always lovely to see you and I really relate to your professional yet relaxed approach to teaching. I just love the subtlety of the poses/flow that offer a multitude of levels from seemingly simple motions. I do like flow over static and the fact that you offer, indeed encourage, a non-static approach to many of the poses appeals to me. The hall is lovely and clean, good toilet facilities and I found the

acoustics good for that type of building; parking is excellent. Finally, I just want to say how graceful you are. 

That is inspirational for me. I started off my yoga just doing poses and was happy to achieve them any
old way but, having watched, I see the beauty and grace in all aspects of a particular 'move'. 

Under your tutelage, I feel enormous hope...thank you so so much.” Paul

Make time for your health and happiness :-)